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Till the year 2001 the company was establishing itself and the brand of the company as a beer company. However since then it has been making an effort to establish itself as a beverage company which offers a much more variety of products and brands in different categories to its consumers and customers. However, despite the execution of strategies on the part of the company, the company still faces the image of the beer company in the international market. However in the following years the management of the company has depicted that more structural as well as image changes will become imminent to the people in the market pertaining to the brands of Unicer and its reputation and image as a beverage company.

                The core values of the company and its strategies pertains to focusing on the customers and the consumers of the brands of Unicer, respecting the consumers and the consumers as individuals, increasing teamwork in the company, establishing the company of Unicer as a socially responsible global citizen as well as promoting integrity and ethics in the organization and the environments surrounding the company through its operations. The specific mission of the company is “To contribute to the satisfaction of beverage consumers by attending to their needs and preferences, thus creating value and performing better than the competition”, (Unicer Official Company Website)

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Essay: Brief About the Unicer Company
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