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The world has seen various economic developments and the most affluent have been globalization, privatization and deregulation. Globalization has made economy and culture internalized with reducing costs of communication and travel.[1] Learning at work or work based learning is an emerging concept.

This concept is considered to be the engine of sustainable competitive advantage. The most important element in an organization now is the human element unlike before in the Fordist era when it was work and only work that mattered and not the human element. Learning is essential at work but it is not only money or paid jobs that work as a motivator for learning but the environment and society affect the attitude towards learning the most. Learning at work can not be effective with the formal relationships between work based learning and managerial controls. The concepts are managerial perspective that is concerned with efficiency and profitability and the other is a critical perspective that is the effect of the former on working people and the society. Investment in human capital is essential now and the concept of mutual commitment that is lifelong learning for the worker and which results in a competitive advantage for both parties.[2] Another author has to say that it’s not the hands that are in focus but the heart and the mind of an employee. Commitment from the employee is essential for the organization and this is the post industrial or specifically information/knowledge based economy. This is the machine age and workers have a different place now.

[1] Marginson, S., 2000, The Changing Nature and Organisation of Work, and the implications for vocational education  and training inAustralia, NCVER,Adelaide.

[2] Bratton, J. et al, 2004, ‘Introduction to Workplace Learning’, in Workplace Learning: A Critical Introduction, Garamond, Aurora, pp. 1-9.

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Essay: Business Diversifications through Globalization
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