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It is true that the economy will take years to go back to its previously good growth and then only will unemployment come to a halt since history proves that after the economy was in a recession in 1991 it took the economy two years and a half to get back to its previous growth. But that recession was not as bad as this one thus, conditions could get severe. Thus the economy is in a bad shape and has slowed down tremendously and unemployment goes hand in hand with it. Thus this factor is given Number 1 as its importance in value (U.S; 2008).

Small businesses are usually based on loans from banks and the financial situation has worsened the overall scenario for banks and all the other financial institutions and financing has been a problem lately due to the crisis. The availability of capital has become a problem which has hindered the starting up of new businesses. Since small businesses need loans to start up, purchase material, execute plans and also to hire or train employees. Thus, financing has become a reason for much hue and cry amongst entrepreneurs who wish to start up their own businesses. Fixed income mortgages, loans, are now not readily available. The credit nations are already feeling the crunch so small businesses often use credit cards but now the financial crisis has limited that possibility as well.

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Essay: Business Losses after 2008 Crisis
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