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Central de Cervejas holds the second brand in the Portuguese market, Sagres. It is also internationalising but with a more localised approach. Its ownership is different as it was acquired by Scottish & Newcastle. In turn there is also in rumours of a takeover by SABMiller or Diageo. Central de Cervejas has also a varied portfolio in beers, waters, soft drinks, juices and has also interests in leisure. The company has also diversified in the home country and is also internationalising to mature and emergent markets but not with same momentum as Unicer. This company offers a less varied portfolio of products. But by being a parent of a large group it should have the resources and capabilities to achieve a better position.

These brands operate in a very competitive environment and especially when internationalising with strong competition from home brands and foreign brands. As these companies are creating global brands, its study and research can have practical uses to be transferred to other realities.  Today brands have become very important and so have alliances and acquisitions.  As Central de Cerveja has been acquired by Scottish & Newcastle and Unicer has an alliance with Carlsberg, they provide two different situational and environmental examples and their account useful to the understanding of on-the-field strategies of competition.  Their account of internationalisation in a multi-disciplinary approach can deliver practitioners with an eclectic view. Because they have different natures and compete in the same markets it can provide insights into development of future strategies which is intended in the completion of this dissertation.

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Essay: Central de Cervejas
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