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The Central de Cervejas is also brewery of Portuguese origin operating in the market. The main products of the company include beers, waters ad well as soft drinks. The main product however is its Sagres brand of beers. The company was initially founded and established in 1977 as a result of the nationalization of the companies SCC and CERGAL. However this company was further on sold by the Portuguese government to a Columbian brewery b the name ofBavaria.

The Central de Cervejas as we know it today however was established and formed in 2000 when the British organization Scottish & Newcastle took over the company. As a result since 2003, the name of the company has now changed to SCC. The main brands that are sold by the company include Sagres, Fosters, Cargal and Imerial etc. The water brand of Água do Luso however is the most popular and the most widely sold and consumed brand of bottled water in the country ofPortugal.

The strategy which has been adopted for the operation of the SCC company includes the vision “Together, we make the brands people just love to drink” is Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas’s vision” (‘Strategy’, SCC Official Company Website) and the mission “to be known as the best drinks company in Portugal, with a sustained growth and generating maximum return on investments.” (‘Strategy’, SCC Official Company Website)

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Essay: Central de Cervejas
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