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When we look at Chrysler and evaluate all the managerial processes it has gone through, we would definitely come across the management of change. Change is something which is hard to activate but in Chrysler the activities which are more focused on are the filtering changes in the design process follows up with the reviewing the requests for change and obviously providing the right information.

For Chrysler the most important thing was the change in the organizational management. Improvement basically started when the managers considered both the things as in the processes and the tools so that it is easier for them to make changes at the higher level. Chrysler basically implemented the change where the transition phase from the organizational level to the professional had been very smooth. The reason why Change management is very important for Chrysler is because of the market demand, the overall continuity processes in the market and basically management’s role in bringing out the best out of their managers.

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Essay: Change Management Process at Chrysler
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