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Commitment is a problem in organizations and with virtual organizations popping up it’s a rare sight because workers are more capitalist themselves since they go for better working conditions and compensation plans.

Managers are individuals in an organization who direct the activities of others so they need to have certain skills in order to direct effectively and efficiently so that the organizational goals can be attained. All managers perform their basic tasks but they need to have some skills in order to be one step ahead[1].

Managers need to be aspiring and also become the leaders and not just remain commanding machines and try to manage and control aggressively. They need to do it with expertise and influence the workers in order to motivate them to work more efficiently. This will improve performance levels which is a necessity in this case. Leadership is a central organizational process and not a mere question of grandiose labeling. An organization is a hierarchical structure that moves from the top level management to the bottom. Being at the top is not every person’s cup of tea because they made an effort to achieve it. The others who are not as capable choose to be at the bottom of the structure.

[1] TAMKIN, P., HIRSH, W. and TYERS, C. (2003) Chore to champions: the making of better people managers.Brighton: Institute for Employment Studies.

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