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As mentioned earlier children are an increasing element of consumers in the market. The reason as to why the consumerist trend has been seen to grow in the children is mostly because of the social structure of the American society and its representation on the mass media. The aspect of consumerism has been observed into increase multifold in the past decades and in the current scenario it has reached its present peak.

As a result the children have adopted this concepts of consumerism form their parents Moreover the family of two working parents and children does not often have substantial time for quality family time. As a result the children tend to seek quality time with their friends at school and in non family surroundings. These gathering tend to take place at convenient spots, like the easily available fast food restaurants that are present in every locale. The easy availability of spending money from parents as well as the independence to access the markets and retail outlets makes them as viable and significant consumers in the market. Aside from this the children are also able to drive the consumption pattern and choice of their siblings, peers as well as their parents, making them a driving force in the decision making model for purchase decision making.

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Essay: Children as Consumers
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