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The parents provide their children with access to sources of monetary items and equivalents which makes them more independent in terms of their purchase behavior and decisions. “Several years ago, Mattel, Inc. teamed up with MasterCard to create a product called Cool Shoppin’ Barbie.

The doll came equipped with a mini MasterCard, a cardboard boutique and a Barbie-sized credit card machine that declared “Credit Approved” with every swipe. Not surprisingly, parents and consumer advocate groups accused the companies of encouraging reckless consumerism among children. The Hello Kitty card is the latest in a series of “plastic” options for children. Paul W. Lermitte, a Vancouver-based financial consultant and author of Allowances: Dollars& Sense, says giving your child free reign with a credit card encourages financial dependency.” (George, 2004)


The main stimuli that has been seen to drive children into the increased consumption of fast food is its ready and easy availability, its taste which to most is much better than the food cooked at home, the high level of fat and sugar content which tends to give them high level of glucose making them feel much happier and content

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Essay: Children Targeted by Marketers
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