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Chrysler is an American based automobile industry where all the cars are being manufactured. Basically, if we towards the advent of Chrysler it was organized by Chrysler organization in 1925. Apparently they were part of the German based Daimler Chrysler. By applying the concepts of change management which definitely means the structural approach in which you derive you’re current state to the desired future state, obviously meaning that it is continuously changing the system and implementing new things with similar modifications in the design process.

Same is the reason behind Chrysler and all the modification it has made in the past few years. Coming up with new and better designs all over and the best part is that the change process is set in a controlled manner. Similarly, if we refer to change management, there is another thing which comes in mind and that is the projects that are formally introduced, thoroughly improved and then implemented. Basically, if we look where this field of change management flourished then it was certainly a group of people in an organization giving their inputs, telling whatever ideas they had in their mind and implementing those plans, they certainly were able to play a vital role in the organization’s overall productivity. The same thing was with the Automobile manufacturer Chrysler, the way they changed its outer look and defining them with the new modifications. In this report we will be discussing the change processes as in how is it to be managed implemented and monitored with reviewing the closing requests that are basically on the queue.

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Essay: Chrysler Company
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