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The operations of the Coca Cola Company specific to the Coke product have been dynamic and consistent over a long period of time. The consistence has come from employing the strategy of controlling contracts with vendors and channels for distribution to the market and the dynamic nature comes from the increasingly innovative marketing schemes and promotions developed by the company to target the Coke consumers. The company is essentially in the maturity phase where the sales have leveled off, however the constant change in the marketing mix of the products, specific to the promotions, and the marketing of the product trigger an unexpected growth phase for the company which lasts in only certain markets across the world for a small amount of time. However it enables the company to achieve a higher position of maturity than it earlier occupied, enabling it to stay dominant in the market.

The characteristics of the product lifecycle position of the Coke product by the Coca Cola Company include the specific brand of Coca Cola, the consistent product of the Classic Coke which is provided to the customers, while other variations like Coke with Lime, Diet Coke, and Gold Coke are also offered. Aside from this the distribution strategy of the company for the product previously pertained to strictly controlling the bottlers and the distribution channels however, as of 2006, strategies which are put into motion in the western markets of the global beverage industry. The promotions however that are employed by the company have changed significantly over the pat decades. This has enabled the company to target the specific market that it wants to increase the consumption of coke in. moreover the diversified marketing strategies in different companies has enabled the company to increase the consumption of Coke in its different markets across the world.

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Essay: Coca Cola and Coke Product lifecycle
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