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The company has values they treasure and they are transparent enough for all to see clearly within the organization. The company has basic values that aim to provide a better life to all. They believe every woman has the right to look fabulous; all employees have a right to earn a fair wage, they want to abolish child labor, they aim to use only natural ingredients and they work actively against animal testing. The company has an “activate your self-esteem” program that is backed by honesty and transparency. Since they sell products that do what they claim to do and they never sell false promises (Brock, Pope; 1993).

            The company aims to defend human rights by working against human trafficking and also encouraging their customers to become a part of this war against trafficking. The company also has a “protect your planet” policy that aims to protect the environment. The company has a charity program to help the needy and the destitute.

They have an extensive team of workers who are paid a fair wage and are extremely loyal to the company. This is their human element of resources in order to be successful. In September 1995 one of the community trade suppliers for body shop inNepal was awarded third prize in “The best industrial award for environmental concern.” As I mentioned before body shop chooses to work with suppliers who are concerned about community and environment. These suppliers are honored to work with body shop since the company helps them achieve their objective and also access different markets to increase business but responsibly. (Brock, Pope; 1993).

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Essay: Company Values and Concerns; The Body Shop
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