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The core values of the company of SCC are similar to those of Unicer and include team work and spirit, efficiency and speed, innovation, as well as long term commitment to realizing the objectives by execution of tactics and strategies.

“In June 2005, SCC changed its identity, now reflecting a new company attitude and culture.‘Central de Cervejas e Bebidas’, or ‘Central’, was the adopted denomination and its logotype was totally transformed. It is now represented by a ‘C’ which recreates the mark left on any surface by a glass, bottle or can containing a refreshing drink. It suggests the natural act of drinking, clearly expressing a feeling of proximity with the consumers. A ‘C’ which could stand for ‘Central’, Creativity, Commitment, Consumer or Confidence. By adding the word ‘Bebidas’ (Drinks) to its corporate denomination, the company wishes to be more comprehensive and include some of its other products, the most emblematic of which is Água de Luso. The logo’s background is orangey red, a color that symbolizes the company’s energy and the emotion conveyed by its brands to the market and consumers.” (SCC Official Company Website)

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Essay: Company Values of Central de Cervejas
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