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The resources according to Grant;1998 can be classified into tangible, intangible and human. The company has a policy of obtaining raw material from all over the world and plus they have their factories and shops in over 26 countries which constitutes their tangible resources for the business The company has a unique love for the environment and is extremely responsible for its customers and other stakeholders. The company has a very unique community trade program that buys natural ingredients from assisted and poor areas at reasonable prices in order to help those poor people earn a living and improve their lives (Peteraf MA,1993).

 The body shop has an excellent goodwill and very loyal customers which is their most treasured intangible resource to success. The Body Shop is spreading the right message of concern for a healthy environment and to be responsible as well as profitable. The body shop joined the worldwide fund for nature group in 1996 that encourages buying wood products from sources that are environmentally sustainable, socially beneficial and economically viable. The United Nations Environment Program commended The Body Shop for their social and environment reporting. The company has worked to bring social and environmental changes for the Ogoni people in Nigeria focusing mainly on 19 unjustly imprisoned Ogoni people. The company has always worked to bring about environmental and social changes. The company is also responsible to enhance businesses and spread the message of being environmentally sustainable and maintain peace. The company is not just a cosmetics company but it aims to improve lives generally without any regard to race and creed.

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Essay: Competitive Advantage of the body Shop
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