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The fifth principle that has been incorporated by the company in its mission statement is the positive contribution of the Starbucks business to its communities and the environment. The company has significant strategies that have been developed in order to promote a sustainable environment for the future while employing waste minimizing and resource optimizing operations methods. Aside from this the company has also been positively contributing to its local and international community’s by providing a healthy environment for the community to interact as well as employing people in the various parts of the world.

                The last principle pertains to identifying the profitability in the business venture which can contribute to greater and more sustainable profitability in the future. The company in this regard has been able to take advantage of its target market and has been able to extensively exploit all opportunities of profit maximization made available to this company. As a result the coffee form the Starbucks costs much more than two complete meals at typical fast food restaurants. The most famous strategy is the premium pricing that the company employees for its international coffee beans and blends.

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Essay: Component Analysis of Starbucks’ Mission Statement
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