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At the point of the consolidation and the mergers taking place between the three beer manufacturers, and the establishment of the Unicer as we know it today in 1977, the company had an integral market share of 33 percent in the regional beer market forPortugal. However over the years with investments in logistics, partnerships with the other beverage manufacturers and specific marketing strategies the company has been able to increase its market share in the local region to a solid 59 percent. This as a result makes the company of Unicer the monopoly or the main or key player in the Portuguese Beer and Beverage Industry.

                The strategy of the company ha seen to become a socially responsible corporate citizen while establishing its self as a prominent name and brand in the beverage market in the region. The company as a result has been financing sustainable development projects in Portugalas well as contributing to the economy through its expansive success and growth as well as investing in the tourism sector in the country as well. The company states that “Our priorities are the protection of the environment and heritage, and the promotion of culture and sport. Thus, we have not only adopted a series of procedures aimed at protecting the environment from any possible damage resulting from our industrial activity, but have also developed a policy of where social concerns harmoniously exist with important national events. This is Unicer’s philosophy.” (‘History’, Unicer Official Company Website)

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Essay: Consolidation of the Unicer Company
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