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As mentioned above the market for the Body Shop can be segmented on a number of different unique as well as combination of variables. However the segments of the Body Shop which are going to be taken into account for the purpose of this analysis in the paper relate to customer segmentation variables as well as product based segments.

The customer or market based segment which has been selected is that pertaining to behavioral variable based segment. The type of segment which has been taken into account from this category relates to brand and image conscious consumers. These are the people who purchase products form the Body Shop because of the image it has in the market and the beliefs of environment conservation, green life, nature sustainability as well as developing relations for mutual benefits with the developing nations in the world. These consumers are highly in tune to the consumer actions groups which promote the green way of life. They also include people who are pro animal rights and against testing on animals and the pollution of the environment.

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Essay: Consumer Segments’ Analysis of Body Shop
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