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The current market in the United States is highly consumerist in the sense that the people are spending much more than they are earning. The saving in the market is very low while people are spending money that they don’t even have. This phenomenon has emerged due to multiple reasons; however the most significant reason that has lead to this is the increase in the credit and loan schemes and the presence of the credit card. Fie to banks offering increased liability and credit offering services and wider acceptability of the credit card, the people are spending money on goods and convenience items over the limit of their bank accounts. As a result the people are going into considerable debt.

This theme of consumerism has traveled down to the children and the ‘tweens’ and teenagers in the market as well. They are now used to accessing and getting things what they want especially in the social structure of the American society and the independence allotted to them by their parents. The marketers have identified and cached up to this opportunity and are therefore trying to market the products directly to the children who can drive the sale of their products through demand. Meanwhile this technique of marketing is highly controversial, this is being employed in the market by retailers, banks, technology product and service providers, clotheslines, fashion houses as well as the players in the fast food market.

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Essay: Consumerist Market
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