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Moreover the advertising and marketing strategies that are employed in a subtle and a cleverly latent way by the marketers in the fast food industry tend to attract them to the happiness, good times and the fund aspect of fast food. Additionally the sponsorships to popular movies and carton characters that are present in the mass media targeted towards children are also a main stimuli and attraction for children to by active consumers in the fast food market. “Market research firm Mintel that by 2008, children age 4-12 are expected to be responsible for $51.8 billion of total overall spending, including food.

That’s a big jump from $40 billion in 2002. Young children are expected to continue to be responsible for much of the money that is spent on food, either by asking their parents for it or by spending their own money. In 2003, the food industry spent about $13 billion marketing to children, despite criticism as childhood obesity gained national attention. According to the Mintel study, the children’s eating habits change sharply after they turn 12, when the influence about what to eat comes primarily from peers. Children age 6-11, however, are influenced primarily by their parents’ eating habits. The younger set tends to eat a wider variety of foods including fruits and vegetables. But, as they turn 12, they eat less fruit and more potato chips and candy and spend more time in fast food restaurants and at vending machines. Kids and teens eat an average 4.4 times per day. Girls age 6-17 tend to eat a wider variety of snacks than boys and have developed a focus on healthier foods that they carry into adulthood.”(Zid, 2004)

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Essay: Consuming Children Their Stimuli
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