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As a result along with the healthy proposition offered by the fast food restaurants, the Starbucks Corporation is also to launch a new line of products which are rich, inviting and healthy and developed according to the required lifestyle of the customers of the business.

These products are made form organic raw material like organic soy milk and decaf coffee which is a lot less calorie holding and a lot healthier for the customers. Introducing them in the favored flavors is an effort by the company to help the customers change their lifestyles to a healthy lifestyle as well. Aside from this the company also stopped advertising to children for its products in the frapuccino category. Moreover in an effort to be a socially responsible corporate citizen the company has also decreased the size of its much heavier and calorie blasting drinks.

The improvement however that can be made to the currently developing plans set forward by the Starbucks company is to get input from the customers as to what exactly do they want to improve in the product and service offered by Starbucks. This would help bring a much realistic and supported plan of action for improving quality.

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Essay: Control and Implementation at Starbucks
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