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An effective control system helps to monitor and then avoid these problems in order to achieve the desired results. The control process begins from the planning of a project and it depends on the manner the activities have been delegated throughout the members responsible for the project. The exercise of effective control is essential in projects because it monitors, prevents and then helps to eradicate any abuse of authority in the delegated activities. Control is an essential ingredient for the smooth completion of a project because it helps to maintain discipline and decorum in order to entice the best abilities out of every person involved to achieve the desired outcome (Koontz & Donnel, 1964).

The management purchased licenses which cost a lot and they have their pros and cons.  Here our focus is technology transfers designed for selling in new markets and licensing has its pros and cons as mentioned above. This is exactly what happened in this case of Maxima. But it also helps to internalize internal processes globally by allowing others to use their products and services (Vliert et al, 1977).

The major reason was obviously a lack of a control system that begins with a planned approach and the implementation at Maxima was a Big Bang approach that proved to be a failure and of course costly for the organization. I would suggest the implementation of the control process since it is an important part of project management. The control process has laid down control mechanisms for all managers to implement in order to ensure smooth completion of a project. The control process consists of three steps; establishment of standards in order to measure actual performance, measuring the actual performance against set standards and taking appropriate managerial action to remove the discrepancies.

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Essay: Control Phase during ERP implementation
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