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Vale is paying the price of being a predator. Rivalry has intensified and companies like Google and WPP have created uncertainty in the industry since although Google is WPP’s important client but still Google formed a partnership with WPP’s rival and this was somehow a breach of trust due to which WPP believes that Google is a short term friend and a long term enemy. Due to globalization companies have started to diversify and WPP diversified and is now indirectly also giving competition to Google (Mitchell, B.R; 1993). These problems have affected businesses a lot and negatively.

The investors are faced with choices that are difficult to make and they often feel shaky while deciding if to invest. Investors now have to face problems in order to go for the best investment. Employers have to make sure to avoid frauds, to ensure their employees are true to them by giving them increased perks and salaries. Consumers have to bear the costs of the producers and this has caused unmet demand and unsustainable consumption patterns. Workers have to face impossible workload and they also get paid well (Bhagwati, Jagdish, 2007).

Unemployment inUSAhas shown an upward trend recently and workers have to be really good to survive the competitive environment. Immigrants benefit at times since economies of some countries are really good but the strict policies of avoiding immigrants have caused problems. But globalization and its changing trends have overall benefited migrants. Thus, Globalization and its changing trends have affected the businesses and consumers negatively and positively both but the effects vary from countries across the world (Mattelart, 1998).

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Essay: Corporate Rivalry Explained
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