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Public relations is a image associated function of a company according to which the company indulges and invests in activities which can increase the image of the company as per the requirements and the beliefs of the target market. Moreover the public relation based activities can also be undertaken to promote a positive image of the company or to make it known as a socially responsible corporate citizen in the industry as well as in the market. Sponsorship is one of the ways through which public relation activities can be undertaken as well. This is especially true when corporation sponsor education based programs or benefit related programs which are aimed at improving the standards of living and reducing the harms and the risks that are present to the local communities.

“Corporate sponsorship is an extremely competitive domain. Companies are overwhelmed with proposals. They must be approached with strong business cases and in a professional manner. If they are satisfied, they are willing to engage in a long-term relationship, which spreads the initial cost of establishing a sponsorship over a larger return of benefits. Conversely, if sponsorship is not pursued properly, opportunities are missed, deals are broken, and potential long-term relationships end quickly.” (Davidge, 2002) Sponsorship is also now regarded as a marketing tool which tends to be more beneficial and practical in capturing the attention of the audience and is able to provide a higher rate of word of mouth as a result of the sponsorship. As a result companies in industries which are not allowed to market on the Above the Line basis tend to enroll sponsorship with prominent figures and events. An example of this is the tobacco industry which heavily sponsors the Formula One teams.

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Essay: Corporate sponsorship & Public relations
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