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Other benefits which are available to corporations when they are able to build awareness for themselves in the market. This considered directly proportional to the increase in sales of their product and services. As a result their sponsorship investments in events and projects are directly targeted towards increasing the sales for their products and services. “By sponsoring a play atStratford, performances of The National Ballet of Canada, an event at the Sky Dome, or the Olympics, companies build long-term credibility and awareness with the audiences who attend such events. Companies also underline their own good taste and judgment, and reinforce their commitment to quality of life in every sense.” (Cogill, 1991)

Aside form this it is also possible for the corporations to get to know they target market much better and initiate the establishment of relationships between themselves and their clients and customers through events sponsored by the company. “Sponsorships provide excellent opportunities for employees to meet with potential clients at receptions and cast parties, or at the event’s board or governing council meetings. Xerox’s sponsorships of events in our major locations have proven invaluable to local sales and district managers who have been able to cement relationships with customers and potential customers. Furthermore, a sponsoring company any can receive opening night or season’s tickets or club memberships, which can provide further vehicles for enhancing customer and employee relations. In fact, the advantages of sponsorships are limited only by the sponsor’s own creativity and imagination.” (Cogill, 1991)

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Essay: Corporations having benefits of Sponsorship
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