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The article has been well written as the author specifically provides to the customers in the beginning of the paper that the main objective of the article is to highlight and identify the hidden costs of the stock options for the company in the sh9rt and the long terms.

The article initially presents the background on the stock options and the laborer market which has relevance in raising the need and the costs of the stock options. The article then builds up on this information and supports the theories discussed in the paper through national economic statistics and literature review of research conducted on the matter.  Additionally the article also does make use of logical reasoning to develop the concept and establish the concept of hidden costs for the readers, making them come up to the level of intellectuality and comprehension required for the topic.

The strength of the paper that has been chosen for critical review is that the article enhances the understanding of the stock options in context of its costs as well as its disadvantages and advantages to the company. Moreover the reality of the stock options is revealed to the audience through the paper.

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Essay: Critical Analysis of Article on Costing
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