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Aside from the above mentioned target market or consumer segmentation variables, there also exists another type of market segmentation which is performed on the basis of the past experience or the performance history of the customer. This is mostly relevant for investment companies, banks and other financial institutions. The variables for this segmentation can include credit rating, purchase history, history of relationship with the company, claims, and responsiveness to the marketing campaign etc.

The market can also be segmented on the basis of the product and service offering. Specific to the Body Shop this segmentation can take the include groups made on the basis of Hair care, Skin Care, Color Cosmetics, Fragrances, Special Treatments, Grooming equipments, Sun Care, Baby Care etc.  Other segmentation form can also be base on Vitamin Treatments, Bath & Shower as well as Anti Aging, Manicure Treatments, Pedicure Treatments etc. This would be a more specific product based segmentation of customers.

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Essay: Customer and Market Segmentation by Body Shop
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