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Successful Customer satisfaction increases the word of mouth marketing of the hotel which further tends to improve the position of the establishment in the market pertaining to the competition by increasing its reputation. This results in the retaining of the current customers while attracting new ones for the business as well.

A study was conducted to determine the retention of the customers based on the customer satisfaction in the hotel industry. “Results indicated that the latent construct customer retention was dependent on the latent construct of customer satisfaction. Added value was found to have positive effects on customer satisfaction and customer retention.” (Sim, MAk & Jones, 2006)

Conclusively it can be said the guest service management and customer satisfaction are intricately interlinked and in order to increase the customer satisfaction for any business, particularly the ones in the hospitality industry, it is important to increase and improve the guest service management in the establishment in order to better suit the requirements of the customers and clients of the business.

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Essay: Customer Loyalty; measure of customer satisfaction
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