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It has already been mentioned that customer loyalty is a measure of customer satisfaction for any brand, especially in the hospitality industry. However customer satisfaction is a very sensitive and volatile indicator of customer satisfaction. “Loyalty is often perceived as a level of customer satisfaction; in a competitive industry it is likely to be true.

However, it may also be remembered that loyalty to be gained for a number of reasons, such as business ethos, it does not automatically mean there are high satisfaction levels in all areas of service. Loyalty may also be gained due to service being better than the competition, in this case they still with improvement in loyalty may be lost if a better competitor emerges. Therefore, loyalty may be seen as an indicator satisfaction, but it should not be used in isolation and there is a danger it could be misunderstood.” (Smith, 2007)

However customer satisfaction as mentioned earlier is highly dependent on the quality of service provided and the relevance of the service as per the requirements of the customers. Therefore in order to ensure proper and successful customer satisfaction form the provided service, it is important to conduct market research pertaining to their requirements and needs.

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Essay: Customer Loyalty
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