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In order to identify the requirements of the customers for the improvements in the quality of the product and service offering provided by Starbucks, self responding questionnaires were sent out to the target market of the Starbucks Company. They were approached at shopping malls, cafes as well as in the Starbucks retail outlets. The responses of the respondents were tabulated and calculated through qualitative and quantitative statistical software. The result depicted that 62 percent of the Starbucks customers were satisfied with the product and service offering. However 35 percent either wanted the company to change its price strategy or its product and service offering.

The main trend that was observed was that the customers wanted the Starbucks Corporation to provide them with coffee based products which are healthy and of good quality The recent strategy that was taken up by Starbucks Corporation and followed by the other competing cafes and coffee based beverage providers was that they developed extremely niche oriented and specialized drinks which were too heavy to drink as coffees, high in fat and carbohydrate content, as well as containing massive amount of sugar. While there drinks were initially very popular in the market amongst the consumers, the novelty of the new products ran out quickly as the consumers started facing weight and health based issues from large amount of consumption. As a result now customers are demanding a healthier and simpler menu for coffee based beverages from Starbucks. “U.S.-based Starbucks did win the calorie bomb contest, however. Their white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and whole milk weighed in at 628 calories — more than a quarter of the average person’s recommended daily calorie intake” (‘Which? Magazine survey:UKcoffee chains’, 2008)

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Essay: Customer Requirements; Starbucks Company
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