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“In most service industries the customer is buying an experience, not just the service For example, in a hotel setting the customer is not only purchasing use of bed the night, they are purchasing experience. For example the desired experience is likely to include good night’s sleep, courtesy and politeness with the consumer tending to make the purchase based on the way that they believe they will feel as a result of the experience. This may be considered in terms of both experience as well is a cost benefit analysis to determine the value that experience” (Smith, 2007)

Customer satisfaction of a product and service is directly derived from the experience the customer has from utilizing the product and service. “According to Sam Winterbottom, executive vice president of development, Carison Hotels Worldwide, what is really important to the guest is price and the service that the hotel is providing. President of Allegiance Hospitality Jason Clouet says that customer relationship creates greater impact on the industry and it establishes a good foundation in making some improvements in customer service.” (‘Guest satisfaction dependent on positive experience’, 2006)

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Essay: Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Industry
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