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The secondary data was collected through online data sources of the general internet, as well as the database of journal articles. The Ebscohost database was used to access the journals and the relevant articles for inclusion on the dissertation. The other sources of secondary material and information were the websites for the SCC and the Unicer Company and the books available in the library and in the market on the topics of international marketing, global branding and the operation of global business enterprises.

The financial reports for the companies were accessed as well as the global and regional beverage and beer industry profiles to evaluate the performance of the companies in the regional as well as the international market.  The analysis was of the primary and the secondary data was conducted through qualitative data analysis techniques as most of the data pertained to strategies. However the performance of the companies in the local and the international markets was ascertained and evaluated based on quantitative data analysis techniques.

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Essay: Data Analysis on Global Beverage Industry
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