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The research data that is available for the purpose of this paper was taken from a secondary research agency. The research agency deployed research agency to collect information through the process of interview based surveys form the local community in the region. The focal point of the questionnaire that was used in this study pertains to the crime and safety situation of the region and the demographics of the people residing and operating in the area.

The questionnaire provides a letter of intent on behalf of the research agency and the community forum which sponsored the research. The respondent however include people form various walks of life who are familiar with the area and can provide sufficiently comprehensive and accurate information on the region of Central London which is being targeted by the community forum and the research agency. The questionnaire that was used is developed in such a manner that it is simple to read and comprehend for the respondent./ moreover most of the questions are close ended to attain a relatively tabular and computable result while open ended question have been provided where more abstract information can be collected.

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Essay: Data Sources for Secondary Data Information
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