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There basically exist three main types of prints. The latent prints are those prints which are invisible and hidden, they cannot be seen under normal circumstances and usually forensic c technology pertaining to the use of chemicals and visualization are utilized to lift these finger prints. These prints are usually smudged and left there by accident. It is also possible for these prints to be partials in nature. As a result these are the most difficult types of fingerprints which need to be lifted, especially in forensic investigations.

The second type of finger print is the patent print which is caused due to the transfer of a foreign object from the hand of the person to a surface. In this print, a pattern in paint, oil, etc, and other foreign substances is left which acts as a container or preserver of the print. These prints are already visible and as a result the do not need any development./ however instead of lifting the print, these prints are either photographed or scanned onto the computer for recording in the data base and processing them.

The third types of prints are the plastic prints. These are the prints which are usually left in a foreign substance which tends to hold the shape of the print. Examples of these include wax, polish and clay and putty. These prints are also visible and do not need to be developed for enhancements. However it is common practice for forensic scientist and investigators to make record of these prints by making casts and presenting the prints in them. This is mostly because any foreign objects which are transferred onto the second foreign objects are also lifted, further aiding the investigation.

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Essay: Development of Fingerprints
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