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The disadvantages however that are associated with branding pertain to:

– Costs: Creating a brand and launching it in a market is a very large investment which can stretch the budget for the brand initiation and launch to millions of dollars.

 – Impersonal.: As the brands become large in the market and target in their segments, they tend to loose the personal nature which greatly rescues the customization of the product and services and the brands for the customers.

– Fixed Images: Brands have certain inherent images which they are forced to stick to. A change in the image or the personality of the brand depicts a change in the brand making it unreliable essentially disintegrating the concept of branding.

– Time Scale: The launch and initiation of the brand takes a smaller amount of time however the building of the brand is a much concept task and requires investment of considerable amount of time to build its reputation and goodwill in the market.

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Essay: Drawbacks of Branding
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