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The early practices for finger printing were concerned with using foreign substances like congealing oils and glues which would retain the shape of the finger print. The finger prints as identified above, were mostly used to seal contracts and make identifying markets on contracts where the contracting person was not educated enough to sign. However the finger printing technology was also used in the ancient civilization to mark objects as territories of the people as well. Sources of finger printing usage have been found inChinaas well which pertain to making use of fingerprints as a security or personal password for people for their valuables and documents.

However with time, the uses of the finger printing technology and practices have changed. In early tines, the power was the only formed through which the finger print could be lifted. Now it is possible to scan the prints through electronic computer based scanners and develop a three dimensional version of the print for more accurate identification. The power based finger print development enhancement and lifting technique has been in practice for more than 100 years for the purpose of forensic science and crime investigation

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Essay: Early Practices for Fingerprinting
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