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The small business are suffering and the economy will take a lot of time to recover for it to be good for small businesses and new ventures. The recession is exemplary this time and record breaking rates have shown an economic slowdown overall but as history proves it takes years for the economy  to get back into action since this time recession is truly bad compared to previous records. Thus it will take a good amount of time for the economy to improve for small businesses in the economy and also for the new ventures (Grynbaum, 2007).

The economic melt down has been bad and in this situation that has been discussed it will not be wise to open up a new business thus it is better to stick to the current job in order to be safe and then wait for the situation to improve. The economy will take years to improve and as soon it does the risk of opening up businesses and leaving the job can be taken but the prevailing circumstances are bleak and dark.

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Essay: Economic Conditions and Small Businesses after 2008
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