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Economic changes depend on the country the shop exists in. The Body Shop in USA is expensive as usual but there they have a greater fan following and more loyal customers since it’s a developed country with a high GNP level or income per capita level so more people can afford the product in America. But Body shop is also present in Pakistan which is a third world country but people have been loyal to the product in this country even when it did not exist in the country people made an effort to get it from abroad. But naturally, in this country since GNP level is low the segment of loyal customers is lesser than in America which is developed and has a high economic growth rate (Chatzky,1992).

This again depends on the country the shop is present in. Once again in America people are extremely brand conscious and more aware of environmental problems so they have more reasons to buy body shop products. Similarly, in Pakistan there is a segment of the population that is aware and the rest will go for cheaper products. Since people are not very aware even if they go for the products they will have a different reason and that maybe the status symbol attached to the product or any other reason. So different cultures react differently (Clark, 1995).

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Essay: Economical & Socio-cultural analysis for Body Shop
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