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According to the Princeton’s ranking for education institutions in 2007, it was depicted in the USand World report that the James Clark School of Engineering at the Universityof Marylandranked 6th in the United States of America. On the whole in the worldwide context the James Clark School of Engineering was also ranked as the top 13th best institution for higher education and learning.

“In U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of graduate school programs, Mechanical Engineering at Maryland ranked 24th in the nation, 15th in publics, beating out U. Penn, Duke, UVA, Lehigh, NCSU, Clemson, and Vanderbilt. TheClarkSchool is tied for 16th among engineering schools in the nation, and ranked among the top ten public university engineering programs in the country. They also rank theClarkSchool’s undergraduate program 25th in the nation, unchanged from last year’s ranking. The Clark School ranks 13th in the nation among public engineering programs.” (‘Department of Mechanical Engineering’, A. James Clark –School ofEngineering)   This established ranking gives the participants and the students of the university with recognition and accreditation in their professional as well as student lives.

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Essay: Engineering School
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