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In order to form a linear equation for the regression model of the relationship between the staffing costs and the active members in the organization, the staffing costs were put on the y axis while the active members of the organization were put on the x axis.

The two arrays of data for the staffing costs and the active members were computed for their sums, their means and their squares to determine the β0 and β1 variables of the regression line. Through the statistical analysis the values of β0 came to be at 0.00333737. The β1   came to be at 81.1060969. After determining this information the corresponding values of the A1, or the active members were entered into the regression model to arrive at the corresponding y or B3 values. This resulted in the following regression line to be made.

The above regression line starts at the minimum value of the staffing costs of 83.605 and goes on to the staffing costs of 400.288. The trend of the regression line also depicts an increasing dependence relationship between the staffing costs and the number of active members in the organization.

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Essay: Example of Regression Analysis
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