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After the determination and the formation of the regression line it is now possible for us to determine the value of the staffing costs for any number of the active members in the organization. Therefore in order to determine the staffing costs for 10,000 active members in the organization we simply put the value of 10,000 as the value of A1 in the regression linear equation and determine the corresponding value of the B3. The resulting value of B3 through the regression model came to be at 114.4798 for the staffing costs.

This analysis can also be done through the linear equation where the coordinate of 10,000 on the x axis can be checked against the corresponding coordinate on the y axis.

It is much more appropriate to fit the regression line on to the scatter diagram for the staffing costs and the active members in the organization as per the Model B. this is because the model B converts the information available on the staffing costs and the active members of the organization into base logs of 10. This reduces the presence of statistical error and increases the accuracy of the regression line. The more closer the data is in terms of its range for the independent values, the much more accurate information is available for regression analysis as a result the regression line is also more accurate and can fit more suitably in the best possible manner on the scatter plots. This reduces the margin of error and provides a much more accurate predictive model for the relationship between the staffing costs and the active members in the organization.

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Essay: Example of Statistical Testing
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