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  • Technological: The body shop innovates continuously but even if they use a lot of technology they still use natural ingredients for their products. Technological advances have helped the company just like any other corporation by enhancing the production methods and also good communication within and outside the organization to support the internal plus external environment it operates within. But most importantly technology has enhanced research and development which is a necessity for the company in order to produce more and innovative cosmetic products to increase their market share (Chatzky,1992).
  • Environmental: The environment the company is functioning within has already been discussed in detail with focus on the competitors, customers, suppliers, technology, economic conditions, social, political and their strengths plus weaknesses (Clark, 1995).
  • Legal: Body shop has always functioned within the legal requirements since it is a leader in corporate transparency. Everyone knows the company has policies against animal testing and their products do what they claim to do. They have never produced products that will harm skin types (Elmer-Dewitt, Philip, 1993).

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Essay: External Analysis for the Body Shop
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