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The following are the external threats that might affect the Anheuser-Busch Company

  • When entering into new markets they will have to face the barriers the relevant barriers to entry
  • They will have to compete against the existing companies that have already established themselves in the market
  • Competing in another country, on a global level is very expensive.
  • By going all out global the company will find it hard to keep the costs low.
  • Extra costs will be involved in oversees distribution or production.
  • The costs will have to be absorbed in the price of the product and borne by the customer and therefore the pricing strategy of the company might have to be changed.
  • Low priced alternatives in other countries would be able to compete and slow down their market growth.
  • Foreign exchange rates will affect operations in the international market with prominent losses due to fluctuation in FOREX rates.
  • Government regulations could also prevent market penetration.
  • Anheuser-Busch’s advertising and promotional strategy would have to change in the international market.

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Essay: External threats for Anheuser-Busch Company
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