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The marketing communication and the marketing strategies that are employed by the business and the companies I the fast food market also greatly influence the choice of the brand and the meal by the children. In most case they tend to go for the toy which is offered in the kid meals by the fast food vendors. However in other cases, it is also the affiliation of the fast food vendor with their favorite cartoon character or movie. They are easily influenced by brand positioning in the media and the movies. Especially when their favorite cartoon character or TV/ movie actor is shown to favor or eat a certain fast food meal, they tend to crave and go for that particular brand name and fast food vendor.

The third most important influencer for children in terms of their fast food purchases is the presence of a peer groups and their peer pressure. Children tend to consume fast food at an early age with their siblings and family and as they grow slightly older with their friends. These likeminded and similar aged friends tend to form the childes peer groups. There for e in order to hand our in a particular groups and be like them the child tends to adopt their choice of clothing, brands and even food. As they tend to eat in groups, the fast food choice tends to be influenced by peer groups influences as well. This is the main reason as to why fast foods are popular at large gathering of children like birthday parties etc.

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Essay: Factor Influences on Children’s Consumption
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