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These companies have since then been trying to land contacts for affiliation and licensed presence and sponsorship with movies and entertainment projects with DreamWorks, Disney and Fox for projects oriented towards children or teenagers. In a similar attempt Burger King teamed up with Superman for the animated TV series and McDonalds set up Happy Meal affiliation with Hot Wheels and the Barbie Rapunzel Movie launched by Mattel.

Wendy’s however was innovative and took up a sweepstakes and give away method of promotion for targeting children through the mass communication medium of television. Moreover for 1997 the company was going for an “ October tie in to Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory, and a November link to WB’s Pinky and The Brain, both developed as make-goods for the burger chain’s calendar after Warner pushed its Quest for Camelot feature to summer 1998. .Though licensed programs continue to draw more adherents, several chains, including Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and now Boston Market, with its Digs the Dog character, have developed proprietary characters to better brand kid initiatives. Boston is also said to be on the prowl for sports and TV properties, though recent news of a downshift in promotional activities won’t help it strike many big deals.” (Benezra, 1997)

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Essay: Fast Food Marketing focusing Children
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