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A certain budget should have been kept by the management and certain project management tools like a critical path method should have been used by the project manager as proposed by the management since that would have given them budget and time constraints to implement the system. A major aspect that was missing and which led to the failure of implementation of the ERP system was a lack of effective controls at every level (Flamholtz, 1979).

This initiative should have been taken on the part of the project manager. The basic purpose of control in an organization is to monitor activities and operations in a project in order to make sure that every task of the project is being carried out exactly as planned and also to check for any deviations so that they can be rectified. It is difficult for managers to keep an eye on each and every member of the project to monitor their activities so they need to exercise appropriate control in order to make sure that the project is completed smoothly and successfully. Managers need to exercise control in order to make sure that the actual activities are in proximity with the desired standards (Robbins & DeCenzo; 2001). Control is the ultimate link in the functional chain of management because deviations are inevitable. A project is planned properly and all the standards are set, all the members of the project are directed and motivated appropriately and goals are set but still deviations are bound to occur.

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Essay: Financial Aspects during ERP implementation
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