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In terms of the future of this needs and wants and the development in this segment, it has been identified that this segment of brand loyal and nature conservationist individuals will considerably increase in size. This is because in the local as well as in the international markets there is stress being placed on environment sustainability. Therefore this segment of the market would become considerably powerful. They would be demanding authentication and certification of the company against animal testing and the proof of the natural ingredients in the products sold by the body shop. Additionally they would also require the company to change its packaging from plastic pet bottles to a much more environment friendly packaging material.

The second segment that has been chosen for the purpose of the paper is related to the product based segmentation. The segment pertains to Anti Aging product consumers. The consumers who buy the anti aging products from the body shop are those who are brand conscious as well as usually pro environment sustainability. However, additionally they are also concerned about their appearances and looks. They invest in their appearances at an early age and want to reduce signs of aging as they grow older. They also look for natural ingredients in the products which are well known for their anti aging capabilities and often want the products that they buy to deliver positive results. They make the consumption of the anti aging products part of their lifestyle and their daily routine and are much less likely to change their routine.

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Essay: Future Needs of Consumer; Body Shop Case
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