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The sixth question of discrimination is that the percentage of men promoted to middle management is higher than women, on average women employees agreed to this fact. The seventh question of discrimination is that even with higher education women do not get top level jobs. Surprisingly, on an average the respondents agreed to this fact. The last question of discrimination in the questionnaire is that women are being stereo typed in various ways which limits their growth.

On average women agreed to this fact. When talking about acceptability of women only in low profile jobs like front desk ones the opinion of respondents between age group 26-30 varied from strong to neutral. “Equal opportunities for both qualified men and women” seemed to be negated by this chunk of the sample. They believe that they being women (qualified too) do not receive same privileges and chances as enjoyed by their male counterparts. Whereas, age group 31-35 agreed with women being stereotyped, but they were neutral when talking about unequal salaries where as rest of the findings were more or less on similar grounds. The most interesting and different finding in age bracket 41-45 was the neutral and disagreeing opinion about women more in demand for jobs like secretaries. Their opinion on unequal salaries and obstacles in promotion was more towards the neutral side and the reason being, more years of service which has resulted in higher pay drawing as well as acceptability of existing norms and trends of the organization. Above 50 agreed that women are accepted only on front desk jobs and discrimination exists. These respondents were mostly sabbaticals as discussed earlier in the paper.

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Essay: Gender Discrimination
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