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The government also has an option of housing benefit,, which it pays to low incomes households who are unable to afford to buy a house. This payment goes towards facilitating their payment of rent on the housing. The other housing benefits that are provided by the government take the form of providing subsidies to the rented housing sector, which allows the recipient to choose which type of rented housing they want to take up.

The stamp dusty is a government tax which is levied on the property at the time of purchase or sale. This is based on the legal transactions of trade for the housing or property. For houses bought above the worth of £60,000 the stamp duty becomes mandatory. The government can control the prices in the housing market by increasing the stamp duty on selective range values housing in order top decrease the demand and therefore the prices of the housing in the region. The government ofUKhas been using this policy to regulate housing in the region ofLondon.

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Essay: Government’s Intervention in Housing Market
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