Sample Essay

1st week: – Chalk out an affirmative and effective way as to what are the factors which have to be taken into account for the purpose of the study.

2nd week: – Study other research papers on the topic from journals in order to get the basis for our research. The sources of information would be journals, books, articles and other research papers.

3rd week: – More research papers plus looking for a research to take as a benchmark.

4th week: – Develop research questions for a more detailed understanding.

5th week: – Discuss the data collected and the completed draft of the research study with the sponsor/teacher.

6th week: – Conduct a final data analysis and work on the conclusion and recommendation.

7th week: – Complete the paper.

8th week: – A final reading, revision and changes to the paper for the submission.

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Essay: How to make a Research Schedule
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