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These events have had a great impact on the organization since the current year 2009 has portrayed the best financial performance over the years.

This is evident from Tesco’s strategy and this year that is 2009 they have shown all growth figures with 15.1% growth in group sales, 10.01% growth in group sales after tax, 5.5% growth before tax, underlying diluted earnings per share have increased by 11.0%, diluted earnings per share have grown by 2.6% and 9.7% dividend per share increase has been estimated. The current year’s financial performance has been remarkable and this is a proof of the events that have followed. The company has shown an improving trend throughout with remarkable growth rates so the impact is positive in every way as the analysis proves.

The analysis shows the company has improved its strategy with time which has resulted in superior growth over the five years. The company has grown immensely over the years benefitting the business portfolio as well as its customers and other stakeholders. Tesco will continue to grow further by entering new markets internationally turning into an unbeatable retail giant in the world. Tesco will be a huge competition to other retailers wherever it goes since it will turn into the best international retailer. The financial performance will continue to improve since they have more projects and strategies in the pipeline that will add to the growth of the company.

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Essay: Impact of Financial Events on Tesco Plc
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